Pitched Roofing

Pitched Roofing is the most popular type of roof construction used in new and existing dwellings. We can supply and fit everything you need from wall plate to ridge. We can offer a wide range of tiles including clay and concrete, plus natural and man-made slates from proven manufacturers like Marley Eternit, Redland Monier, Sandtoft and Cembrit. We also supply and fit all the other items you would require for pitched roofing work, including breather membranes, roof lights, chimney pots, cowls, specialist fixings, insulation, ventilation, fascia and soffit, ridges and hips.

Tiling is more than just laying tiles, its about bringing the design to life. If your roof is poorly finished, then your building suffers, regardless of how much effort you have put into its design. The roof is an essential element of the design and you need a roofing contractor that cares about the finish.

There are many different choices when it comes to roof tiles. Do you want concrete or clay? Do you want small format or large format? What planning restrictions are in force in your area? Are you considering the environmental benefits or are you looking for specific finish or texture.

There are many different types of pitched roof finish, the most common are listed below:

Interlocking / Plain Tiles

Interlocking single lap tiles quite often provide the most economic choice when deciding what to put on a pitched roof but even then there is a wide variety of tiles, prices and manufacturers to choose from. There are choices of clay or concrete, profiled or flat and also a large range of colours to pick from.

Apex Roofing can help you pick the right option for your property.

Plain tiles provide an alternative covering for roofs over 30 degree pitch and come in clay and concrete, each with a range of colours. For a rich textured roof and greater design detail capability then plain tiles still lead the way.

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natural slate is recognised throughout the world as one of the finest building materials available. The material has a capability to withstand the most extreme environmental and weather conditions. Its durability and its unique natural beauty has lead to the specification of slate in a broad range of roofing applications.

A slate roof will last the lifetime of the building, if laid correctly. Natural slate, tested to BS EN 12326 Part I and meeting the highest relevant ratings, will be unaffected by normal extremes of temperature, and will be resistant to acids, alkalis and other atmospheric pollutants such as sulphur dioxide. Aesthetically, natural slate respects the traditional or local character where it is used. This is especially important in conservation areas, where slate selection may require to match existing roofing materials on surrounding buildings. As a natural product it will also feature variations in colour, sizes and textures to enhance the overall visual effect.

Whether it is the traditional favorites such as Welsh, Westmoreland and Burlington or new alternatives from Spain, Canada and China you can be sure of a quality installation by Apex Roofing.

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Fibre Cement Slates

Man-made slates are available in a variety of attractive finishes such as flat or rivened face and square or cut edges. Along with a range of different colour to choose from. They are lightweight and pre-holed. Fibre cement slates are suitable for all types of pitched roof projects as they can now be ;aid as low as a 15 degree pitch.

Fibre cement slates are made to the highest EU standards (ISO 9001; BS EN 492:2004) and BBA certified. Made using Portland cement with a non-asbestos formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres. The slates are finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating to the top face and edges and a tinted, high performance binder to the back face. The acrylic coating of the slates will reduce the growth of moss and lichen.

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Metal Tiles

Metal tiles are increasing in popularity due to their light weight and ability to withstand damage either from thrown objects or attempted break in. The metal tiles resemble established tile profiles and blend in well when installed. They are particularly useful in areas prone to vandalism.

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Why use us!

Customer Liasion

Apex Roofing aim to keep the customer informed of progress and information from start to finish of any roofing project.

Quality Materials

Apex Roofing's goal is to supply quality materials at a competitive price.

New Technology

Apex Roofing can supply and install the latest roofing technology, such as complete dry roofing systems without the need for mortar.

Health and Saftey

Apex Roofing considers that one of our prime responsibilities is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all personnel affected by our operations and to reduce to a minimum the impact of its operations on the environment.

Site Measure and Quotation Service

If you have a set of drawings or would like a site measure to be done, Apex Roofing are more than happy to help and can provide a dimensioned drawing of your project and a fully itemised quotation.


Apex Roofing provide a 15 year defective workmanship and faulty materials guarantee on all on their projects. This can be in writing on request.